When is the Right Time to Install a Sod Lawn?


Is your lawn worn-out and in need of a restart, or adding lawn to an area of your property for the first time?

J Lopez Gardening Services has installed sod lawns for clients in San Jose for many years, and Sod can be installed year round if proper steps are taken to establish the root system.

Sod, which is mature lawn that has been professionally grown and pre-cut into thick rolls with underlying soil and roots is an option to create an instant lawn.

Proper Soil Preparation
A beautiful sod lawn begins with the proper soil preparation. This includes rototilling of the soil twice, once to open up the soil, and second to add the soil enhancements and mix them into the soil.  This is a critical step as much of San Jose and Silicon Valley yards are grown on top of a clay dirt base. Remove all rocks, roots, weeds and debris from the area. Aerate the soil to ensure it is not compacted. Fix drainage problems by grading so that water will drain away from sidewalks and driveways. Proper soil preparation also includes aeration of the soil. The soil is then graded and rolled. After the soil has been properly prepared, then sod can be installed.

Sod Delivery and Installation
Remember that sod is a  living lawn and should be installed within 24-72 hrs after it’s harvested and delivered to your property. It’s best to install the sod in a single day (best early morning). If you cannot install all the sod in one day, be careful to layout the remaining pieces in a shady location and keep it moist so it doesn’t dry-out.

To encourage root growth, the area where sod will be laid should be watered, but not soaked, thoroughly on the day prior to installation. Irrigate newly-laid sod with 0.2 inches of water daily, with short waterings once in the morning and once in the afternoon, for two weeks following installation. More water will be needed during hot and dry weather to make sure roots do not become dry. Edges of individual sod pieces should come into contact with one another so the perimeters do not dry out. The frequency of irrigation can be reduced if roots are established within 10 to 14 days.

When to Install Sod? Anytime but late Summer & Early Fall are Best
Sod can be installed at almost any time of the year. The best time to lay sod, however, is in late summer and early fall when temperatures are cooler but grass continues to grow. Spring is the second best time to lay sod and is the preferable time for warm-season grasses such as centipede, zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine that become dormant in the winter. Avoid installing sod in summer as the extra water required for establishment could result in blight and disease.

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