Customer Testimonials

DSC_0009 Customer Reviews on Yelp!

“We have been using gardening services from Jorge and his father for more than 8-10 years and really appreciate their great service. They proactively alert me or just replace broken sprinkler heads, and trouble-shoot irrigation problems, and we use them three times a year to aerate our front and backyard lawns.” – Gabe F./San Jose

“I cannot say enough about how wonderful it has been working with Jorge.  From the first moment I contacted him to get a quote he has been professional, responsive and our yard has never looked better.  We had spent a lot of time (and money) redoing our backyard.  After the work was completed we were looking for a new gardener who could give it the attention it needed.  Jorge came out to meet with us on a Sunday, gave us a lower quote than we had been paying previously and the yard has never looked better.  We have three dogs and you would never know it – our grass looks green, healthy and everything just looks incredibly lush.  He’s remained responsive, answers questions in a timely manner and he is very proactive about letting us know what he’s done and any problems we are having.  I highly recommend Jorge!” – Jennifer H.

“I have been searching for Gardeners for one of my clients. I find them, I give them the address of the property, once they know the area the price goes to the roof 😦  Finally I looked on Yelp! and saw the reviews for Jorge and I said he sounds like someone you can count on and trust! And sure enough. Jorge was AMAZING!!! He went above and beyond expectations to help me out! Jorge is rare in today’s world! Way to go Jorge!!! I am speechless when it comes for words to describe how excellent he is! I highly recommend him!!!” – Mimi

“I’ve been using Jesus’ and Jorge’s gardening service for at least 15 years. They do great work at reasonable prices and are super reliable. Jesus, Jorge, and sometimes mom arrive with a smile on their faces every week …… something my neighbors are a little jealous about. Whenever I need something a little usual done or need to make an adjustment in their routine, it always happens quickly. If you’re looking to make a change, call these guys first!” – John R./Almaden Valley

“Jesus became our gardener over 14 years ago.  He did top quality work, like clockwork.  I always enjoyed our chats about the yard and other things. Jorge is continuing the great service.  He’s looking out for things like misaligned and broken sprinklers that I just don’t notice, and taking care of them before the yard shows the problem.  Give them a try if you’re looking to improve your lawn at a fair price, and want reliable service.  You’ll be glad you did.” – Skip S.

“We have been with Lopez gardening for about 4 years. Jorge services our house twice a month. Grass looks great front and back. Don’t have to worry about sprinklers. Jorge does all that. Recently, he trimmed some of our trees. They look great. Cannot beat the price.” – Christina P.

“I have used the service from Lopez more than 10+ years and my neighbor also used them for many years.  Jorge is very easily communicated and always dependable.  His charge is very reasonable and affordable.  I will not hesitate to recommend him to my neighbor or friends.” – Neil K.

“I actually met Jorge about 4-1/2 years ago when I had sold him a pick up truck.  I mentioned to him that we currently have a gardener that takes care of  the gardening on the ground level.  We have several trees on the property and  five of them were growing over the house. I was very concerned about the branches breaking and causing roof damage.  My biggest concern was having someone who was knowledgeable, experienced, and was not going to do any structural damage.  Since we just had metal gutters put on all around the home we did not want any gutter or roof damage.  He gave us a bid, which was very reasonable.  Jorge did a great job, with no damage and in a timely manner. Jorge is now our full time gardener.  He has been getting the property in shape and offers suggestions on ways for us to save on water by suggesting new sprinkler heads, and installing new valves.  Jorge has a proactive approach.  It is really refreshing to have someone (business) who cares more for their customers needs than their wallet.  He definitely is knowledgeable, dependable, and passionate in everything he does.  We are very glad to have Jorge in our corner.” – Thank you, LeeAnn B.

“Jorge has been our gardener for almost a year and we are really happy with his work. He does a great job, is dependable, and very neat with the clean up. His prices are also affordable. I highly recommend him!” – Liz M.

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